A Guide to Ariana Grande's 'Dangerous Woman' Album

I think I’ve been talking about Ariana Grande's new album, Dangerous Woman, too much. I know I’ve definitely been listening to it too much. But IDGAF because it’s perfect for every mood and Ariana has one of the best voices out there, so I’m not entirely wasting my time. Listen to this album if you need a confidence boost, need help moving on, or just want to understand what this Ariana hype is all about. Some would say (probably just me) that this is the most underrated album of the 21st Century. I’m pretending to write a review here and really just posting every song so you’re forced to listen. Every track is right here, so no excuses.



Perfect way to start off the album. Got that classic love song sound that makes you sway. It got me super excited to hear the rest of the album.


-Dangerous Woman

Not my favorite, and it’s probably because the radio does what it always does and over-plays the shit out of it, but you can’t deny those vocals. Coming after Moonlight, this one shows off her mainstream, pop persona.


-Be Alright

The intro to this sounds like an old-school Mya "Take Me There" (Rugrats) sample. Really dig it. It's uplifting, and I kind of like to imagine this song blasting at a 2016 Presidential Debate. 


-Into You

I don’t care what anyone has to say, but I will never get over this song. Instant mood lifter. Even the A Capella version is fire (below), and if you need proof that her voice cannot be beat, this is it. I also had to post the original version/video because of the sexy man . . . (Don Benjamin <3 ANTM)


-Side To Side

I know I’m not the only one who imagines myself in a cycling class while listening to this. In the same outfit as her in the video. Any song ft. Nicki Minaj will never disappoint me, but I also don’t think it will disappoint you. What's a "dick bicycle"?


-Let Me Love You

Break-up anthem. Lil Wayne's verse is creative, of course. Makes you want to be singlin' and minglin' and excites you for your next spark after a break up. 



This song feels like it could be a Xtina Aguilera song from her 2012 album Lotus. It's one of my favorites, and if she can sing this live (she can . . . flawlessly) then there's truly nothing wrong with this woman.


-Leave Me Lonely

MACY GRAY! This song would be great with just Ariana, but add Macy in the mix and it’s bound to be a hit. Their voices complement each other so well because they're both so bomb, yet so different. It's got a bluesy vibe. So fun to *try* to sing along to this.



The most sensual. It feels inappropriate to listen to, given how young she looks, but then I remember "Get On Your Knees" by Nicki ft. Ariana and I realize she's actually 23 years old and rocks this.



Cutesy love song with a bit of an Ed Sheeran vibe in the beginning. Does anyone ever “not think of leaving sometimes?” Seems unrealistic but instills some hope.


-I Don’t Care

Every song on this album is about love, men, or sex, and this one is no different. But it’s about the most important kind of love, and that’s self-love. Love yourselves, people!


-Bad Decisions

Actual banger. This one should be on the radio. 


-Touch It

This one is a little sad if you think about it. They’re on a break, and she’s not really sure why, considering “they both know what they want.” I think it’s one that many people can relate to, though. And she wants him to know that ain’t nobody gonna touch “it” . . . that’s it. A refreshing one to sing along to.


-Know Better/Forever Boy

Ultimate boss song. This is my favorite right now. She starts off with lines like "I ain't feelin' you no more," and "Ain't nobody like me, if you knew better, boy you'd do better." Basically treats his life but then changes the tune and starts singing about her "forever boy," a man that changed her whole perspective on relationships.


-Thinking Bout You

The words are sad, but I’m a fan of the chorus music here. She misses him; she wants him back; she can't stop thinking about him. An interesting way to end an album that seems full of "get over him" lines. I get a Bieber feel.