This Week in Sports: Wade Phillips is healing up, "something" was thrown on the field at the Bill's game, and the CUBBIES WON!!

So it somehow turns out that being a criminal defense attorney full time is pretty time-consuming. Yeah, I know everyone knows this. But my goodness. Needless to say I’m in a bit of a transition period and so is this blog. I’m trying my best to keep up with them both, but bear with me as there will be some weeks with a bit less sports action than others. This week is a medium week—so please read on, but don’t expect anything too crazy below.



It might have taken them one hundred and eight years, but by golly they did it. The Chicago Cubs are World Series champions! Not only did they win, but they won in incredible fashion. I know I said last week that this matchup was a bit boring to me, and while I stand by that statement as a whole, Wednesday night’s game was anything but boring. Heck, depending on what time zone you live in, the game was so un-boring that it actually went into Thursday morning!

It seems crazy to write a sentence saying how surprising it is that the Cubs won, or how much of a long-shot this win was, after all it’s been 108 years since it last happened. However, this season was absolutely dominated by the Cubs. It really shouldn’t be a surprise that they claimed the hardware this year.

Though the Cubs were the season favorites, their eventual victory didn’t come easy. They needed all seven games to eliminate Cleveland, and even needed an extra inning in Game 7. They also had to come back from a 3-1 series deficit (becoming only the sixth team to do so in World Series history). Aaaand they had to endure an insane momentum shift in the 8th inning of Game 7 when Aroldis Chapman (who was coming off a VERY unnecessary Game 6 performance) allowed a double and a home run in his first two batters, allowing Cleveland to tie the game up at 6 runs a piece.  Following a scoreless 9th inning and a quick (seemed sooooo long as I awaited the finale of the game and the beginning of my bed time) rain delay, the Cubs were able to wrap things up with just the one extra inning.

Just like that, the curse had been broken, and the Cubs were champions. As if things couldn’t be better for Chicago fans, it looks like the Cubs will be the team to beat in years to come as well. Sure that will depend on whether or not Dexter Fowler stays with the team, or whether the Cubs run with Chapman or go a different route at pitcher, and a whole host of other player decisions—but those issues are for a later day.

Congrats to all you Cubbies fans!!


Wade Phillips. Ouch.

Couple things. Wade Phillips is kind of hilarious. He’s also currently suffering from a cracked rib. He’s also a coach, for those of you who don’t know, and coaches don’t typically sustain game-day injuries. I say “typically” here because Phillips is actually the second coach from the same Denver team to leave the stadium in an ambulance this season.

Last weekend, Phillips, the Bronco’s defensive coordinator, suffered a cracked rib when he was plowed over by Chargers running back Melvin Gordon. Yesterday, in Phillips’ first appearance since being carted off the field, he opened his press conference by saying “not that anybody’s interested, but I’m day to day, that’s my status.” He added a number of other witty remarks including, “If I’m going to go out, I’d like to go out on an interception for a touchdown,” and “At least I don’t have to go through [concussion] protocol this week.” He also awarded himself the “big hit award for the week!”

Phillips also said that he’s considering coaching from the box rather than chancing another injury on the sideline during the Broncos Sunday night matchup with Oakland.


Pats v. Bills . . . Dildo?

Only in Buffalo could this possibly happen:

Yup. Someone threw a dildo out onto the field. Mind you, this is the same game that Gronk scored his 69th touchdown. Coincidence? I think not.

Also, can we talk about how well this stunt was executed? Thrown at the perfect time to be caught in every camera angle. Thrown so as to be a part of the play without actually getting in the way. Thrown far enough onto the field that it needed to be removed, but hilariously it’s a dildo so the removal process was a bit awkward (WOW. That got unintentionally really inappropriate really quick. My bad.) If you didn’t watch the above video just seconds ago, check it out now to see how the referee goes about removing the object from the field.

Even Tom Brady noticed the incident and commented after the game that he “thought it was funny that the ref didn’t want to pick it up. Nobody wanted to reach down and grab it.” He also followed it up with “That was very unusual. That was a first. Only in Buffalo.”

Only in Buffalo indeed, Tom.


Ray Allen’s Letter to His Younger Self

The Players Tribune has become quite the platform for athletes to express their opinions, thoughts, and exciting life decisions. Earlier this week Ray Allen added himself to the list of players who’ve used the platform to announce their retirement. Ray’s retirement message may be one of my favorites to date. Here are a couple of my favorite blurbs from the letter, but I’d definitely encourage you to read the letter in its entirety. 

  • “In high school, you might think you understand what it takes to be a great basketball player, but you will truly have no idea. When you get to UConn, your coach will show you what hard work really is. His name is Jim Calhoun. Don’t get on this man’s shit list.”
  • “Every day for the rest of your life, you’ll have to choose. Do you want to fit in, or do you want to embark on the lonely pursuit of greatness? I write this to you today as a 41-year-old man who is retiring from the game. I write to you as a man who is completely at peace with himself.”
  • “Go to the court. Stay at the court. Get your work in, young fella. Most people will never really get to know the real you. But they’ll know your work.”

Boy do we know his work: two NBA championships, ten All-Star appearances, 24,505 points scored. He’s the all-time leader in three-pointers taken and three-pointers made. He’s the source of some of the league’s most memorable shots, including a top memory for me when he hit a clutch 3-pointer in Game 6 of the 2013 Finals with just 5 seconds remaining to send the game into overtime against the San Antonio Spurs. He’s also caused me a lot of heartache over the years, but none more painful than the Celtics 2008 NBA Finals victory over my Lakers.   

As often as I cheered against the teams that Ray was on, I never cheered against Ray. He’s just one of those guys that’s impossible to hate. His retirement letter further demonstrates that quality. He’s thoughtful, intelligent, kind, and one hell of an athlete. Miss you already, Ray!


Athletes Do Halloween Too!

Now that I’m a boring adult, I didn’t even dress up for Halloween this year. Instead, I sat in my recliner watching Monday Night Football and ate roughly 6 pieces of Halloween candy per every 1 piece given to the roughly 15 kids who actually trick or treated at our house. But, in that time I also perused the internet and came across a number of professional athletes who went all out for Halloween. Here were a few of my favorites:

Von Miller, Dr. Evil


Billy Butler, Jimmy Dugan & the Rockford Peaches


Hunter Pence, Napoleon Dynamite


Nick Folk, Star Wars


Bryce Harper, Ninja Turtles


Justin Verlander, Danny & Sandy


Kayvon Webster, 2pac


Nikki Bella and John Cena, John Cena & Nikki Bella


And my favorite—based entirely on how cute dads and daughters are together:

Patrick Peterson, Prince Charming & Snow White

And just for sake of proving that I haven't always been a boring old lady . . . Here's my Halloween costume from last year. Any guesses on my punny sports-themed choice?

And yes, of course that's a retro Kurt Warner jersey. 

Have a great weekend, y'all! And Happy November!