2016 Jeers and Cheers

The Blowhard was founded on one core principle, “everything is either good or bad, nothing is in-between”. Just like there are no moral grey areas, there is also no room for waffling. What is the point of having an opinion if you do not back it to the hilt 100%? Seeing both sides is for suckers and dummies. The only side that matters is the one that you are on. And while this worldview may have caused everyone at the Blowhard to lose all their friends, it did allow us to create a website with a view count in the hundreds, so there.

In any case, The Blowhard has come up with a few Jeers and Cheers for 2016. Jeers to the things that were bad and Cheers to the things that were good.


Having to work

                It is my firm belief that no one should have to work. Work is for suckers. Jeers to the concept of working.


                Still gross. Get your shit together. Very gross. Unless it’s free. Then it’s cool. Jeers to gross alcohol.

Donald Trump

                No duh. Loves to make fascism cool. Sad! Jeers to being a small-fingered fascist.  

The New iPhone

                My memory only goes back so far. This was a bad thing right? Something about a head phone jack. Jeers to Tim Cook


                Still not sure what the point of these are. I’m reading a book right now where no one shits or pisses and honestly, it sounds great. Jeers to the brown-eyed snake.

The Unabomber

                Still a bad dude. Jeers to hoodies.


Chance the Rapper

                Dude is out here making Christianity cool again. Crazy. Also, he only makes bangers. Cheers to being dope as fuck.

The Cubs

                It only lasted for like 2 weeks, but Chicago was popping for that 2 weeks. Cheers to the beautiful baseball boys

Bernie Sanders


                 You had the same basic plan as FDR, but goddamn if you didn’t inspire a shit ton of people. Cheers to believing in something

Run The Jewels


                A political rap duo that doesn’t suck. And goes all the way in. Cheers to The Legends

Chapo Trap House

                Political commentary that is smart, vulgar and good. Cheers to the Dry Boys and Girl.


                The only social media platform that is good. Cheers to ruining my brain.