Some Stuff To Enjoy Before We’re All Dead

You heard it here first, 2017 is the last year we will all be alive. So here’s some fun stuff to look at before we’re all doing forced labor in Siberian mining camps, dead from Mad Max style water deprivation.

1. This Raccoon Eating.

2. The Second Best Deadspin Tweet of all time.

3. Chapo Trap House.

Chapo is like one of three good podcasts and a consistent bright light in my week. It is also the first thing to inspire me to make fan art. Which I've added below.

4. Mass Romantic - The New Pornographers. This album just straight up bangs, and every track is worth a listen.

5. A cool ass lion.

6. The only Youtube Playlist You'll Ever Need. RIP Harris.

7. The second best website ever.

Cash cats for life man.

8. My two new best friends. #squadgoals

And that's it. There are only eight good things. Now go get off the internet and hug a friend or some shit.