The Best Videos of A Nazi Getting Punched In The Face

At the tragedy of an inauguration last Friday there was one ray of hope that shown bright in D.C. That was Richard Spencer, the horrifically dubbed "dapper Nazi" getting clocked in the face by a masked hero. Yes, there were magnificent protests on Friday and Saturday attended by millions of people, but they all fall short in comparison to one lone dude punching the hell out of an evil dipshit. And the massively attended, globally organized, Women's March just wasn't able to capture the imagination of our nation's meme makers in the way that the decking of Richard Spencer was.

There, of course, has been some backlash to the punch, with Sarah Silverman decrying it and later comparing it to a lynching in a series of partially deleted tweets, and many others saying that it was an act of aggression that was unwanted and did more harm than it did good. And while pacifism and certainly personal non-violence are creeds that bring much good into the world, in this case I'm going to fall on the side of Indiana Jones, The Blues Brothers, and Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds and say that in this case, it is actually good to punch Nazis.

In any case, there was video of Spencer getting fucked up, and as the internet is wont to do, the video immediately got remixed to all hell. Here are some great ones.

[Note: The Twitter account @PunchedToMusic was recently created by some hero specifically to tweet videos of the punch so be sure to check them out for other good vids.]

The Original:

The Remixes: