2. The Fight Isn't About You. It's About Making The Future A Better Place.

It’s not about you. It is about us. It is about people. It is about black people, hispanic people, gay people, straight people, trans men, white people, people who immigrated, and people who identify as human beings regardless of their gender. This fight is not only about keeping what has been fought for over the past century, but ensuring that there is a future left worth fighting for in the first place.

You will undoubtedly be affected by laws that may come to pass. We all will. But, if you take the focus off the bigger picture and think about what you specifically have to lose or to gain, then you are ignoring the bigger problem. It is much easier to think, “the changes won’t affect me. I will go on living the way I’ve always lived and not worry” than to consider how many people will be oppressed; to imagine the people you know in your life experiencing and having less; that the government couldn’t possibly go through with the plans that have been laid out. It is much easier and painless to live under a rock and pretend. This will solve nothing and it will help no one.

Climate change is real, scientifically proven and continues to threaten our lives and our planet. The asshole running the current administration intends to cut funding that is needed to save our environment, and mute what institutions we do have. Trump recently wrote an executive order that reopens negotiations to get the Dakota Access Pipeline constructed. This action, although promised to be safe, has the potential to taint the water supply and soil that affect millions of people. Not only could this lead to dangerous living situations, it threatens to desecrate the land of the Standing Rock Sioux. Even though former President Obama put a halt to this project after months of protests, Trump intends to renege on that promise made by the government, illicitly disrespecting the Standing Rock Sioux and their supporters across the nation. Also, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the people of Flint, Michigan continue to lack access to clean water, which hasn’t been addressed by this administration at all. 

These are situations that needed be cared about by all of us. If we, as a country, were to leave these areas to themselves, what is to stop the Trump Machine from rolling over on the next town? The next tribe? The next minority? Greed feeds more greed and while money talks, people are becoming a textbook example of ‘Cause and Effect’; humans pollute and the polar caps melt, species fall to extinction, the ocean reef is decaying, the ozone layer is thinning, weather is more extreme, illness is on the rise and people are dying. The effects of manmade destruction can be seen anywhere; from the plastic heaps in the oceans to the devastating tropical storms hitting the globe in both hemispheres. At this point, our environment can only be saved through a massive group effort to ensure that our future is a future we can actually survive in.

America has never been one nation, under God. It has always been divided. ver the past few months many have opened their eyes to this fallacy. Though, it has come at a cost of a decent, moral and ethical system of government, Trump has incited violence and aggression at his rallies towards any naysayers, vowing to pay for legal or medical fees for the harmed party. He has mocked the disabled. He insulted a Muslim soldier who lost his life in the field. He has joked about objectifying women and has barely been held accountable for his sexist remarks and actions over the years, dating back to the seventies and eighties. His companies have been accused of refusing to rent to black families and potential homeowners. He has been endorsed by the KKK and notable white supremacist yet, he has done nothing to disavow those efforts.

No, this country has never been perfect. It has always been divided. Yet, I find myself in complete shock that in 2017, an inexperienced, ill-mannered, narrow-minded, bigoted, sexist and racist white man of privilege somehow managed to get in office. Perhaps, this is narrow-minded and privileged to even consider. These divides, if still enforced and enabled, will eventually destroy us all. Even before the election, there was unrest in the cities. Since the election, there have been protests, rallies, petitions. This fight has been going on for just a little bit and it will need to keep up to persevere through the next four years. Everyone needs to do their part to put a cork in the shit show that this nation has become. Again, it is easy to pretend this doesn’t exist when you are not living it, but ignorance will not keep you safe, at least not for long.  

As it has been said, "you are only as strong as your weakest link" and that is not the 1% which is the only group that is benefiting from that changes already taking place. Rather, it is the people that have gotten the short end of the stick too many times and have therefore been denied any opportunity to rise up. In some ways, this group is the strongest asset to our country in that they have fought through so much already and remain standing. They are not afraid of a fight because it's something that they've grown accustomed to it. It's time to rally with them because their fight is all of our fight to see that this once thriving democracy represents the lot of us rather than the few.   

The time that we are all living in is becoming darker by the day. In the past week, so much shit has hit the fan that scientists have adjusted the doomsday clock to  two minutes to midnight. The last time it moved was after World War II. There is no time to give into fear. We all must act. We all must do what we can to ensure survival. By acting together, in consideration for the whole rather than the individual, the individual is already being taken care of. Each voice is paramount, put those voices together and it is deafening, which is much, much harder to ignore.