Finally The Perfect Political Cartoon

Edit: according to Reddit, this cartoon was actually drawn for some dude's "transformation" kink and not as some sort of political statement. So it's good now I guess? h/t Mitch

On February 14th, 2017 at 11:39 PM the world finally got the perfect political cartoon.

Thanks to boqor riya, we now all know the truth about everything in the world via this political cartoon created by an unknown genius.

I mean just bask in the glory of this:

 Pure art

Pure art

What in the hell does it mean? Reading makes women ugly? Books change your skin and hair tone? Reading is evolving? Does the author think reading is good or bad? It's literally impossible to tell. This is why the internet is good. We finally get to see the stuff that batshit insane people create. 

Thomas Nast never created anything nearly this good.