The Best Song About A Centuries Old Public Service

“Some Postman” by the Presidents of the United States of America

Public Services generally do not inspire much of anything in anybody except a general sense of “this could be better”. Unless you’re Alexis de Tocqueville and you get a boner for that sort of nonsense, of course. There are not many great songs about the CTA, or sanitation departments, or street sweepers. Or, that was the case until The Presidents of the United States of America came along and changed the game with their rocker “Some Postman”.

While they are most known as the progenitors of 90’s one-hit wonder fare, such as “Lump” (the origin of Weird Al’s best parody “Gump”), “Peaches” and the song that is stuck in Drew Carey’s head 24/7 “Cleveland Rocks”, they also had some absolute bangers, and “Some Postman” is chief among those. Though it is weird to saw that a song that starts out with various bird noises is a hit, “Some Postman” definitely fits that bill.

“Some Postman” has two truly genius parts, its chorus and its bridge. It is my theory that for any song to be truly great it must have a fantastic bridge and a great chorus. A good verse just doesn’t cut it. “Some Postman” has both. The lyrics of the chorus are some of the best ever with “Some Postman / is grooving / to all our love letters / Some Postman is gonna cry” tailor made to stick in your head forever. The chorus serves as the rock center of the song with the stattaco drum hit and guitars on the downbeat giving the music a groove to match the lyrics. It is also eminently sing-able, even though the phrasing of the lyrics is slightly off-kilter it, the off-kilterness makes sense and isn’t weird just to be weird.

The bridge itself is a thing of beauty. “Some Postman’s” bridge brings the song to a roaring conclusion that is perfect for group sing-alongs. Who knew that a slowly dying public service could inspire such beauty?