Here Are 5 Reasons To Watch Stand-Up Comedy

Not everyone is in love with watching stand-up comedy. In fact, I don’t know many people who would choose watching that over every other form of entertainment out there. It can be controversial, repetitive, and, depending on the comedian, sometimes boring. However, if there is no scientific evidence proving that stand-up is so (so) good for the soul, then there really should be. If you’re anything like me (which would be such a blessing) there’s nothing that will brighten up your day more than unexpected, but intellectual, jokes. Below are my top 5 reasons for why every living human should be watching more stand-up comedy. And don’t worry, there’s tons of it on Netflix.

1.) It will make you laugh.

...duh. There’s nothing more “feel good” than an hour+ of straight laughs. I always feel like deciding to watch comedy, whether it be at a live show or on the TV, puts you in an automatic goofy mood. When you’ve prepared to watch someone continuously crack jokes, you’re more likely to find the humor in most everything they say. Not to mention, laughing is the best way to reduce stress, which will obviously lighten any mood.

2.) It will make you think.

Some of the best stand-up shows I have seen are ones that made me think about ideas in a way that I’ve never thought about them before. The great part is, instead of bringing tough topics to light in a hopeless, depressing way, comedians raise awareness by making you laugh at how ridiculous the world can be. One of my favorite comedians for making me think deeper about the world and it’s issues is Louis C.K., who in some of his acts discusses white privilege, sexism, and how spoiled the younger generations of Americans are.

3.) You will be able to relate.

Unlike most TV shows or movies, stand-up comedy is a form of entertainment that’s actually real world (mostly) and stems from real life experiences. Assuming that most comedians are actually telling true stories, there’s usually so much you can relate to which will make you laugh at “how true” those feelings are. It can also make you feel better about difficult situations by understanding that you’re not alone and that some things will be laughable later on in life.

4.) You will gain positive public speaking techniques.

This one might not seem like it pertains to the majority of the population, but being a decent public speaker is actually a really beneficial skill to have. No matter what job you are interviewing for, or even the current job you have, you can only gain bonus points from knowing how to easily communicate with others without stumbling on your words. Watching stand-up comedians work their magic can be like studying for a performance or presentation; watch their timing techniques, gestures, and coping skills for calming nerves.

5.) It’s a good way to be social.

Watching stand-up alone can definitely be an experience full of personal growth (everyone needs to laugh at their bad habits once in a while), but watching stand-up with others provides the opportunity to bond over laughter. When you find that something is just as funny as the person next to you thinks it is, it’s a great way to connect and figure out what else you have in common. If you’re watching with people that you already know pretty well, there’s nothing more relaxing than not having to talk and just laughing together, while also building you inside-joke collection.