Don’t Start Your Own Blog; Hijack Somebody Else’s!

By Lehni Lester

Two years ago I graduated from college, got married, and I moved to Arizona.  Here, I have learned a few things.

  1. It is freaking HOT in the summer.  A level of hot that really can’t be understood until you accidentally wear shorts in a car with black leather seats and fuse your flesh to said seats.

  2. When it is too hot to exit your apartment, your husband is a full time student, you know about 7 people in the state of Arizona, and you work semi-irregular hours at your job… you spend a lot of time at home with your dog.

  3. When you spend a lot of time at home with your dog you end up watching Netflix at a nauseating level and you pay your electric company a small fortune just so that you can keep your apartment below 90 degrees.


So, in an effort to take a break from watching six consecutive hours of Scrubs on all of my days off, I decided to write a blog!! Such a great idea, right? The comments and congratulations would come flooding in. “Good for you!” and “I wish I could do that!” It would be like when I had to stop eating gluten due to an allergy.  I never realized that becoming ill from a food product could be such an inspiration to people… (Emphasis on this topic at a later date.)


Anyway, I had decided to write a blog. It was going to be smart and funny.  Maybe it would be a touching chronicle of my path to self-discovery. Maybe I would be a fitness inspiration. Maybe I would be the next Julie & Julia.  Maybe I would really dig in and write some great opinion articles on politics or investing. Before you know it I’d be shaking hands and kissing babies as the newest blog sensation. Dancing with the Stars contracts would be in my future. The possibilities were endless! I wanted to do this blog right though.  I didn’t want to start one up, write a post that had 2.5 readers (because let’s face it, only 17-53% of the people who read this post will actually read it to the end), and then never post again and go back to watching Dr. Cox say re-he-he-he-heeally funny shit instead of doing the dishes.  


I started doing some research on blogging.  And by research I mean that I sent Dylan about 4 text messages (editor's note: more like 8 book-length texts), read some posts about blogging (17-53% of them anyway), and then got bored and probably fired up the Roku.  I discovered that starting a blog sounded like a huge pain in my ass.  Fees, citations, themes, coming up with original content on a regular basis, yuck! What is going to happen to all of my “me” time? I wanted a hobby, not a second job.  Then a few days ago the perfect solution came to me.  Why start a blog when you can just be a freeloader and leech off of somebody else’s?!


So here we are. I’m writing my very first post for the Blowhard. And this is what you can expect from future posts. 

  1. I am not an expert on anything. If you are looking for actual insight on politics or social issues you can definitely find that on the Blowhard.  If you are looking for the definitive take on all things cargo shorts you can find that on the Blowhard too! Movies, music, sports, entertainment? You got it!  From me? Expert opinions on absolutely nothing.  

  2. You can also expect some occasional posts in the food section. At home I have been doing a new recipe every week (for the last 2 weeks in a row so lets not get too excited just yet) so I’m going to try to translate that into something worth posting about too.  

  3. Real good writing (questionable…) on some real dumb shit.