How to Find a Hobby

by Lehni Lester

I am really, really bad at hobbies. The ones I start, I quit. The ones I want to start, I quit before I even start them.  I can’t think of the last time I started and successfully followed through on a project / hobby.  You get the idea but let me give you an example.

Two years ago, freshly married and in a new city, I decided to order up some Christmas stockings (that you sew yourself) for our new home.  It was August so I figured that would give me plenty of time to put two stockings together in time for Christmas.  Let me remind you this was TWO YEARS ago aaaaand I’m about half way done with the 1st one.  

Anyway, in my 1st post I mentioned that I am not an expert on anything so here goes my non-expert advice (obviously) on how to start a hobby. 

  1. Make a list of potential hobbies

While making your list of potential hobbies it is critically important that you follow the proper steps.  Find a hobby you are interested in, look at the whole picture, consider the resources that would be required to participate in said hobby, then cut your expectations in half.  Being realistic is key.  

  1. Don’t set goals. Goals are for suckers

This was my lethal mistake with the Christmas stockings.  I set a goal of having two stockings done in approximately 131 days (by December 24th) so they could hang next to our 3-foot tall fake Christmas tree (ultra depressing, I know).  As I mentioned before, be realistic.  I now have zero expectations on when I will be finishing the stockings (if they ever even get finished).  I’ll let you know if I complete them in the next decade.  

  1. Watch Netflix for a solid 3 hours

Once you have made your list, skip the goal making phase and go straight to binging on your favorite TV show (or TV shows that you honestly don’t really care about but you watch them anyway because it is better than doing laundry or showering and actively participating in life).  

  1. Beat yourself up for not starting any of the hobbies on your list

This is just part of the natural progression of starting a hobby.  At some point you are going to feel some guilt about not doing anything on your list. Maybe a nasty little goal even squeezed its way into your planning process (it’s ok, I’ll forgive you this one time) and you are bummed out that you didn’t reach that goal. Just power through, you can do this.  

  1. Watch another 4 hours of Netflix to make yourself feel better

You’ve worked hard and you deserve it.