This Week in Sports: Baseball Body Slams, the Craziest Ryder Cup Yet, MLB Playoffs Under Way, and Morgan's take on "Catching Kelce"

Baseball Body Slam

What a way to end the week. During last Friday’s Dodgers v. Giants game, a spectator ran out onto the field and was apparently handing out white flowers to the players. Instead of accepting a flower, Giants left fielder, Angel Pagan, reached out his arm as a gesture to the spectator and then proceeded to body slam the guy into the ground. I mean BODY SLAAAAAAM.

Check it out:

Josh Gordon out of Football and into Rehab

It’s no secret that Josh Gordon has had his share of issues during his short career in the NFL. Gordon entered the NFL after being drafted by the Browns in the 2012 Supplemental Draft. Since then, he’s been suspended for over thirty games all due to violations of the NFL’s substance abuse policies. He was suspended for two games in 2013, ten games in 2014, all sixteen games in 2015, and the first four games of the current 2016 season. That means that Gordon should have been cleared to return to football as of last Sunday night. However, late last week Gordon announced that he would be entering an in-patient rehabilitation facility and would be putting his NFL career on hold.

Browns head coach Hue Jackson said on Friday that Gordon’s time with the Browns was over. However, the NFL has announced that Gordon will remain on the NFL’s reserved/suspended list "until further notice." Meaning that not only is Gordon still listed as a member of the Cleveland Browns, he is also still suspended by the NFL if he were to attempt to return to football. So as much as the Browns wish to move forward, they aren’t able to do so just yet.

Ryder Cup Shenanigans

So I feel like I really came out of left field with all of my golf talk last week. But now I’m sad that I waited so long to show you all my love for golf, because the time to talk about golf is almost gone. With that in mind, I’m going to milk all of the golf talk I can right now.

I spent a good portion of the past weekend glued to my television and phone catching Ryder Cup updates. One moment that wasn’t caught on TV but was certainly talked about the following days, was the *gruesome* injury that Jordan Spieth suffered. When I say gruesome, I mean gruesome as far as the non-contact sport of golf goes. Check this headline out.

A high-five injury? Yup. That’s real. And it’s honestly no surprise after watching the first two days of Ryder Cup play. At the Ryder Cup, players are competing in U.S. v. Europe pairs and it’s a much less serious atmosphere than a typical PGA event. With that comes a bit of goofing around as you saw in last week’s post when European golfers Justin Rose and Rory McIlroy pulled a heckler from the crowd and challenged him to a difficult putt. With all of this goofing around comes a lot of high-fiving, fist-bumping, and celebrating among teammates. Typically, the only celebrations you see in golf occur on the 18th hole. At the Ryder Cup, on the other hand, a celebration could be seen at just about every hole. Some of these celebrations, particularly those from Patrick Reed, who just so happened to be Spieth’s partner when he suffered his injury, were a bit rougher than expected. But to be fair, Reed played the tournament of his life this past weekend, and his emotions clearly showed his excitement.

 These two were PUMPED.

These two were PUMPED.

But really . . . the Ryder Cup was phenomenal!

Gruesome high-five injuries aside, this year’s Ryder Cup was insane.

For starters, let’s talk about how Ryan Moore, the final captain’s pick for the U.S. team, who wasn’t sure that he deserved to make the team at all, was the player who clinched a victory for the U.S. team late Sunday afternoon. The guy who doubted his role on the team ended up being THE guy who was able to finally say that the Americans were champions! It was the perfect storybook ending. But what happened before Moore’s final putt was even better.

Day 1 made it clear that this was going to be a Ryder Cup for the ages. The King, Arnold Palmer’s golf bag stood on the 1st tee as a tribute to the legend in the first tournament following his death, and that proved to be good luck for the Americans. The U.S. enjoyed a sweep of the Friday morning foursome matches, a feat that hasn’t occurred at the Ryder Cup in over thirty years. The afternoon proved to be an equally great round of golf, with the Europeans claiming 3 of the 4 afternoon points. So after wrapping up an incredibly competitive and exciting Day 1 of golf, it was United States: 5, Europe: 3.

I doubted that Day 2 would live up to the standards set by Day 1, but honestly the play was just as great on Day 2, and the excitement overall was even better! I mean, Jordan Spieth’s gruesome injury did occur on Day 2 after all . . .

Day 2’s morning session served as quite the momentum boost for the Europeans and as a bit of a wakeup call for the U.S. team heading into afternoon play. Enter Patrick Reed’s fiery demeanor and a very rambunctious U.S. crowd. The U.S. managed to grow their lead and closed out Day 2 with a tally of 9.5 points to Europe’s 6.5. The end of Day 2 signified a shift in team momentum, fan projections, and saw the U.S. team become the favorite for the first time in the tournament, and heck, the first time in a number of years of Ryder Cup play.

But Day 3 gave us some of the best golf matchup’s I’ve ever witnessed. Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia? GOLD. Rickie Fowler and Justin Rose? GOLD. Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy? OH MY GOOOOOOOSH. GOOOOOLD.

Sergio Garcia had nine birdies on Sunday. As crazy as it seems to even type this – NINE birdies wasn’t enough. Why? Because Phil Mickelson had ten. Seriously, how much better could a pair possibly be than having a combined 19 birdies, with no bogies, in 18 holes. That is some incredible golfing.  The most surprising match of the day for me, which goes to show how unexpected Ryder Cup play can be, was Rickie Fowler against Olympic Champion Justin Rose. Rickie is one of my favorite golfers, so I shamelessly always pick Rickie to win. In this matchup, though, Rickie was the clear underdog. In true Ryder Cup style Rickie went on to beat Rose on the 18th hole and claimed his first ever Ryder Cup point.

But the match that epitomizes the 2016 Ryder Cup is hands down Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy.  The eighth hole is where things really got wild. From 60 feet, McIlroy made an unbelievable birdie, and his reaction was more emotion than I’ve EVER seen from Rory. He cupped his hands around his ear and shouted “I can’t hear you!” to the rowdy U.S. crowd. With momentum and excitement favoring McIlroy, Reed holed an equally remarkable 35-footer and reacted even more emotionally than Rory had done just seconds before. Reed waved his finger at Rory, as if to say ‘not in my house’ and then did a whole series of fist pumps and cheers, excitement and adrenaline emanating from every pore of his body. McIlroy could do nothing but laugh, and as Reed walked off the green the two fist bumped and wrapped their arms around each other heading to the ninth hole. The next 10 holes split between the two players and led to a closeout birdie putt by Reed on the 18th hole.

As matches continued to wrap up, the U.S. team continued to pull ahead in point totals until finally reaching the necessary 14.5 points with a par putt by Ryan Moore. After all was said and done, every American contributed to the team’s point total. The European team had four players go through the week without contributing even a half-point.

And how else do 12 men celebrate a win like this? With their wives and girlfriends of course. Well, unless you’re Rickie Fowler.

I give you the greatest photo from Ryder Cup 2016.

 Hey Rickie, call me!

Hey Rickie, call me!

It’s playoff time in the MLB!

Earlier this week the MLB playoffs officially got under way. MLB Playoffs include 10 teams, 6 who receive automatic bids upon clinching their respective division and 4 who are placed into 2 respective AL and NL wildcard games.

Earlier this week the Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Baltimore Orioles 5 – 2 in the 11th inning of the AL wild card game. The following day, the San Francisco Giants defeated the New York Mets 3 – 0 after Conor Gillaspie hit a 3-run homer in the top of the 9th inning in the NL wild card game. With wild card games out of the way, the playoff bracket is finally set.

Last night Toronto took Game 1 against Texas with a 10 – 1 victory and Cleveland took Game 1 against Boston with a 5 – 4 victory. Though it’s no surprise to any baseball fan that the series I’m most looking forward to are the San Francisco Giants at the Chicago Cubs which is set to begin later tonight.

The Cubs are finally out of hibernation you guys! (You see that? Cubs. Bears. Hibernation. Ha. Good one, Morgan!) The curse is gone, and the Cubs are the World Series favorites this year. It seems like a no-brainer to pick the Cubs (aside from my shameless Dodger fandom of course), or at least it did until the Giants won the wild card game. Sure the Giants had a pretty terrible second-half of the season. But, we all know that it’s an even year, and the Giants just so happen to have won the last three World Series’ on even numbered years. 2010. 2012. 2014. Is 2016 next??

Sports meets Reality TV.

Okay, here is where this week’s blog gets a bit different. I had planned to include a recap of Catching Kelce, the new dating show where NFL Tight End Travis Kelce dates 50 women at once. And by “planned” I mean I watched an entire hour of the worst TV show ever, and typed over one thousand words trying to work it into a non-miserable recap. But I seriously couldn’t do it. I typed and typed and typed, and hours later I hated every part of it. So it had to go.

I’ll consider bringing it back in future weeks, as an ode to the Bachelor/Bachelorette blog I wrote back in college, oh so many years ago, but that’ll only happen if I can bear to keep watching the show.

With that said, I need my final pick on the record. So I’m calling it now that Travis Kelce ends up with daughter of Mark Schlereth, Avery Schlereth. Avery, aka Colorado (because this terrible show features women calling each other by their state instead of by their actual names), seems pretty normal, especially in comparison to the other women on the show. She’s also super cute and is used to the lifestyle that comes with being an NFL player. After all, she was raised by “The Stink” himself.

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!